Diagnostic Ultrasonographer – Julie Rawlins

A little bit about me……

I have been performing ultrasound scans since qualifying in 1995 and have enjoyed being part of this interesting diagnostic field.

I obtained my National Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography in 1993 and continued on to specialize into ultrasound and completed my National Higher Diploma Radiography: Ultrasound (Cum Laude )in 1995- these qualifications constitute my Bachelor of Technology Radiography: Diagnostic Ultrasound. 

Julie Rawlins

During my training years, I was offered the opportunity to employ my services in many of the top government hospitals and spent approximately 5 years gaining valuable work experience at Addington, King Edward, RK Khan and Wentworth hospital as well as some of the smaller clinics. Soon after qualifying, I joined the private sector and spent a few years with a leading Xray department in Durban and moved on to assist the Obstetricians with the specialized obstetric and gynaecology scans. In 2013, I expanded my expertise and opened my own private practice (Inside Image Ultrasound) and currently specialize in 2D/4D obstetrics, gynaecology and abdominal scans. I am registered with HPCSA and strive to offer a quality, affordable service to my patient’s.