Dr Veronica de Albuquerque (Mason)

Hi, my name is  Dr Veronica de Albuquerque (Mason). I studied for 6 years and obtained my Master’s degree in Chiropractic from the University of Johannesburg in 2012 after completing my dissertation on, “The relationship between lumbar lordosis, body fat percentage, lumbar spine range of motion, physical activity and the incidence of low back pain in females.” I’ve been a qualified Chiropractor for 10 years with 12 years of practical experience.

I joined a multi-disciplinary practice in Midrand, Johannesburg, in 2013 and extended myself further by joining another multi-disciplinary practice in Centurion, Pretoria, in 2016.

Relocating to Hillcrest, Kwazulu-Natal, in 2017, afforded me the opportunity to take over an existing Chiropractic practice which I now manage with an array of other practitioners.

I’m a member of the Chiropractic Association of South Africa, as well as the Paediatric Chiropractic Association of South Africa.

My primary focus in practice is assisting my patients in reaching optimal neuromusculoskeletal health without invasive procedures. This is accomplished through correct diagnosis, biomechanical correction; postural, lifestyle and exercise advice and modification where necessary.

It’s an absolute privilege partaking in somebody’s journey to greater health and is no feat to be taken lightly. Crawl-ins, avid sportsmen, elderly – basically anyone from 0 – 100 with a spine will reap the benefits of proper corrective Chiropractic care.

My purpose is to make a difference in somebody’s life daily. Be it through decreased pain, increased range of motion, enhancing sporting performance, and a general better quality of life.

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