Diagnostic Ultrasonographer

What is Ultrasound?

Signals are sent into the body via a crystal and the resultant echoes are translated into visual images providing valuable medical information. It is safe, affordable, non-invasive and reliable.SAFETY! There are no proven hazardous effects of ultrasound. A skilled, trained sonographer will provide a safe and accurate scan


Julie Rawlins is a qualified Diagnostic Ultrasonographer specialising in Obstetric, Gynaecology and Abdominal scanning. Patients are referred to her from variousmedical professionals for diagnostic ultrasound imaging

She completed her National Diploma: Diagnostic Radiography in 1993 and continued on to specialise into ultrasound and obtained her Bachelor Technology Radiography: Ultrasound (Cum Laude) in 1995.

Julie is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and is accredited to the World Fetal Medicine Foundation which certifies her to perform the detailed 11-13 week NTT scans

Julie has worked in both public and private sectors and in October 2013, she opened her own ultrasound practice called Inside Image Ultrasound. Julie has recently moved her practice into the Vertebrae Wellness Centre where she will continue to grow.

She has a passion for Ultrasound which is displayed in her dedication and genuine interest in her patient’s well-being. She strives to offer an affordable quality service.

Psychological Counsellor

Psychology studies the human mind and behavior. Psychologists are experts in human behavior and emotion and possess practical and research skills that can be applied to a variety of fields. Counselling falls within the psychology field and in the therapeutic process focuses on a client’s concerns, behaviors and challenges and includes understanding a client’s patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Counselling assists clients to be able to identify in which way these patterns may be problematic in their lives and assists the client to develop better-coping skills in order to handle life transitions more effectively. Counselling assists clients to develop a better understanding of their own interpersonal functioning in order that they can make positive changes to their lives. Research psychologists hold a professional degree in psychology. Research psychologists conduct scientific experiments and observational studies in an effort to better understand human behavior.

Elaine Venton is a registered counselor in private practice and registered with the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA). A registered psychological counselor falls within the field of psychology and renders psychological services that are focused on prevention and primary intervention for psychological difficulties that individuals may be experiencing. Elaine works with adolescents, children, teenagers, families to assist in the promotion of psycho-social health. Elaine is passionate about assisting individuals to work through their life transitions from a client-centered and holistic perspective. She offers couples therapy, family therapy, grief and trauma counseling, play therapy, career and occupational assessments, personality and aptitude assessments. She also offers counseling and support groups for clients who are in the recovery process from drug/alcohol abuse or dependence.

Elaine completed a BA in psychology (Cum Laude) and a B Psych (Counselling Psychology) (Cum Laude) through Midrand Graduate Institute in 2011. Elaine completed her psychology internship through various NPO’s and organizations covering a wide range of counseling from couples, families, adolescents, trauma, and rape. She gained her master’s degree in Research Psychology in 2014 through NWU (Potchefstroom). Her honors and masters dissertations were completed within the field of child protection. Elaine also completed a post-graduate training (1 year) in Gestalt Play Therapy. Elaine also completed training for family mediation and is a qualified mediator for couples in the process of divorce and is proficient in compiling parenting plans. Elaine is passionate about lifelong learning and passionate about adding to the body of knowledge in the field of psychology. Research is an important aspect and to this end, she is working towards a professional Ph.D. in psychology.

Elaine’s fees are in accordance with most medical scheme rates.


Homeopathy is an alternative treatment system whereby the patient’s body is stimulated in a way that encourages and supports healing.

During a homeopathic consultation, an in-depth interview is held with the patient to determine specifics around the illness as well as details around personality traits. The homeopathic remedies that are prescribed are uniquely suited to each person’s set of symptoms and herbal medicines may sometimes be added as further support.

One of the big misconceptions around homeopathy is that it takes a long time to work. Generally, we find that there is a quick response in acute conditions and that more chronic conditions may take a little longer to respond although this is not always the case.
Homeopathy is extremely effective in the treatment of children and most remedies can be used in conjunction with conventional medication.

Dr. Riette Smulders has a Master’s Degree in Homeopathy from the Durban Institute of Technology as well as a certificate in Basic Ambulance Assistance.

She is extremely passionate about my patients and loves providing care and support to them on their road to recovery. Her aim is always to not only see physical improvement but also emotional improvements so that people may lead healthier happier lives.

I have been interested in nature and healing as far back as I can remember. As a 5yr old, I spent many hours in our garden bandaging and treating whatever plants or animals I felt needed help. When I got to high school, I got extremely ill and we went from specialist to specialist trying to find the cause. After many months, it was the homeopath who diagnosed me as having glandular fever and set me on the road to recovery. These experiences paved the way for me to embark on six years of study getting my Master’s degree in Homeopathy in 2001.

I ran a very successful practice from home for ten years and am thrilled to have joined the professional team at the Vertebrate Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic.

I have come to realise over the years of practicing, that there is a real need for people to connect with their healthcare practitioner. To have someone who takes time to really listen and is prepared to walk with them on the road back to health.

Homeopathy is extremely versatile and very safe to use even on the smallest new-borns and most frail. In many cases, it can be used in conjunction with other medication and has the ability to not only bring about the relief of physical symptoms but also improve the patient on mental and emotional levels.

I have a special interest in children with learning difficulties and am currently busy with part-time studies doing the Waldorf Teacher Training Course which I believe will support the experience that I already have in this field.

I share my home with my amazing partner as well as four beautiful children (two of which are mine).

Massage Therapist


Massage is almost as old as time, even Julius Caesar (100-44bc) had himself pinched all over the body for his pleuralgia daily.

Massage therapy is a prime example of communication on a non-verbal level. The way we touch others triggers a physical sensation as well as an emotional response. We all have the need to be touched, nurtured and pampered and made to feel cared for. Massage eases both physical and mental tension. As we become calm, peaceful and subdued we can make important decisions that are positive and unbiased.

Physically massage encourages our body to heal itself and become balanced in this hectic and often unforgiving world. There are many benefits to massage therapy which includes keeping skin healthy and elastic, cleanses the toxins through the lymph glands, helps with sports injuries and tension in the muscles.

“The physician must be experienced in many things, but assuredly in rubbing…for rubbing can bind a joint that is loose and, and loosen a joint that is too rigid.” Hippocrates, 5th century BC


I am a certified holistic massage therapist through Healing Hands International Massage Academy. I qualified in 2017 and happy to be joining the Vertebrae Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. I am happily married to my darling husband Stephen for 5 years and hoping to start a family soon.

I am passionate about helping people heal from within. I regard each patient as a whole, rather than an illness to be defeated. I believe in nurturing, rather than battling against the body. To date, I am qualified in holistic massage Therapy which includes lymph drainage, deep tissue, and Swedish massage. I will also be broadening my knowledge with hot stone therapy, sports massage and aromatherapy in the near future.


Full Body (including lymph drainage or deep tissue) – R 350 (60 min)

Head, Neck, and Back (Deep tissue) – R200 (45 min)

Legs & Feet (lymph drainage or deep tissue) – R150 (30min)

Baby stimulation (R200 per month, 20min sessions) which will benefit restless sleepers, colic or babies with reflux disorders